Wednesday 9 March 2011

Wolf Devil Woman - trailer!!!

If you've never watched WOLF DEVIL WOMAN you MUST check out this trailer for this AWSOME movie. It's Hong Kong cinema at its most wild and crazy! (and it's not even from HK but Taiwan, LOL). 

And no need to ask where you can get a DVD; WOLF DEVIL WOMAN has never been granted an official DVD release (EDIT 20.06.2021: However, there does exist a so-called PD dvd, i.e. a bootleg, in the US. It carries the English dubbed version). There's a VCD and a VHS from Ocean Shores + various other VHS releases, both dubbed into English (actually it's been dubbed into English twice!) and in Mandarin with English subs. This trailer is for a boot from FLK who put together a DVD that apparently contains both of the English dubs + the original Mandarin audio.

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