Sunday 27 March 2011

GHOSTLY FACE (Taiwan/Indonesia, 1972)

VHS / Denmark / half letterboxed / English dub / Danish subs / uncut

Very entertaining. Read a review for it over on the cool Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! blog.

Here are screen grabs from the two prints I have; #1 is a letterboxed, English subbed, Chinese language print. #2 is the English dubbed, Danish subtitled, half letterboxed, squeezed picture print. The first print is off a DVD-R bootleg from eBay, the second is off the official Danish rental VHS.

Is it just me or does the fully letterboxed version look too thin? Like it's a fan made letterboxing that went wrong. o_O

VHS / Germany / format? / German dub / no subs / cut?

[click the scans for full size]

[click the poster twice for full size]

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