Friday 25 March 2011

5 DEADLY ANGELS (Indonesia)

This awesome scene is from the rare Indo film FIVE DEADLY ANGELS. The film is originally entitled 5 Cewek Jagoan and there was even a sequel, DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK/Cewek Jagoan beraski Kembali (which I've watched on Malay VCD, it never came out in English). The film stars Debby Cynthia Dewi, Yati Octavia, Dana Christina and Lydia Kandou who are no strangers to fans of Indo cinema! Btw, (reportedly) this scene is missing from the German VHS.

Read Fred Adelman's cool review here.

VCD/Malaysia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs


  1. Hi Jack J :)
    Interesting to read and see that you have watched the original VCD of Deadly Angels Strike Back! :)
    Could you tell me, in the original VCD version, one of the angels in a dress fights a guard in a prison sort of scene. She hits him to the ground, and then it "looks like" she is going to stomp on him! :))
    But alas, a German version of the clip has been "cut?" and although the sound is there, the film jumps to where she throws the prisoners a set of keys. (can you rememebr the scene?) :)

    Can you tell me if the original version shows the stomp scene? If so, I would love to get hold and buy a copy of this VCD.
    Many thanks Jack J.

    Mark :)

  2. Hey there, Marky!

    Yes, I have the Malay VCD release of the 5 DEADLY ANGELS sequel. It's been a few years since I watched it and to tell you the truth I don't remember that scene at all. However, I'm planning on reviewing a bunch of Indo films soon and I'm most likely gonna give that one a spin as well. I'll be sure to let you know (via this comments' section) when I do and if that scene is longer in the VCD version.

    I bought the VCD from Cinemashops in Malaysia. They've still got it listed but unfortunately that's no guarantee that they've still got it. By the way, do you own the original German VHS or is it a downloaded copy you have?

    Go here:

  3. Hi Jack J,
    Thanks for your reply. I have only seen a clip of all the fighting sequencies put together by a guy who compiled them from the German VHS version. I have that clip saved on my drive.
    The board I got it from was the "Runboard boldiesbutgoodies" forum. :)

    The scene I talm about looks like it has been badly cut? So yes please, I would like to know whether your version is complete.
    Would you also be interested in selling me a copy of your VCD if you are able to copy it? :)
    Just wondered. lol

    Many thanks Jack J.

  4. Hey Mark,

    So you don't have the German VHS. No worries, I know of a guy in Germany who has it and that I can probably get it from. I have the VCD but, uh, I don't understand the lingo. I have a fairly good grasp of German and would just like to know what the hell is going on (altho, of course, the plot is paper thin, haha).

    In reg. to making a copy: Yes, I'm able to copy to dvdr, no problem, mate. I'll check the film in a not too distant future and let you know (here) if it's got more stuff than then scene you described.

    Btw, have you got the first film, 5 DEADLY ANGELS?


  5. Great!! Thanks Jack. :)
    Much appreciated. How much would you want for a copy? The postage would be to England. :)
    Would you take a Paypal payment?

    I don't have 5 Deadly Angels either! Really sorry! I did have "Aring King King" once, but I have lost it somewhere! (Not that its of any importance. :))

    Chat soon I'm sure,

  6. Hi Jack J,
    Any thoughts on a price for a copy of the VCD and postage to the U.K? :)
    Many thanks ;)


  7. Sorry, mate, so slow. >_<
    I'll get around to it and let you know. Soon. 'ish.

  8. Mark!! A few days ago I got hold of the German tape and have finally been able to watch the 5 DEADLY ANGELS sequel... OR SO I THOUGHT!!! But it's not the same film!!!!!

    The German data base OFDB screwed up the info. They are two completely different films! The film on the German tape is called FIRE OF VENGEANCE in English. Same director and the film is also about a girl who takes revenge but, like I said, it's an entirely different film.

    I asked a friend in Germany about it and it turns out he has both the German and French tapes + the Indo VCD and according to him the German VHS has four cuts! So that scene you mentioned may very well be one of the cut ones. The weird thing is that the German tape is still the longest running version clocking in at the 88 minute mark. The French tape runs a mere 80 min. (but has the violence intact!), and the Indo VCD runs 84 min.

    So it seems I can't send you the VCD version of the film as I don't have FIRE OF VENGEANCE on VCD! I'm sorry about this long wait and now this - but, gee, who could have anticipated that the German film data base would fuck up like that. And whoever posted that clip you mentioned apparently ran with the faulty info as well. :(

  9. Hi Jack J,
    I want to say thanks very much for your kind efforts!
    So the film I am talking about could be called "Fire of Vengeance?"
    Ok, I will try look out for it online. What I might do is post up the clip I have on Mediafire and send you the link here. Then you can see the scene I am talking about. :)
    Again, many many thanks.

  10. Hi again Jack J,
    Here is the clip I have, I have uploaded it for download on Mediafire.

    The stomp fight scene I talked about begins around 2m.30sec

    Can you confirm the name of the film? =) Fire of Vengeance or D.A.S.B?
    Thanks very much.

  11. I've watched your clip now and it is indeed FIRE OF VENGEANCE

    Indonesia: "Perhitungan Terakhir"
    Germany: "Tödliche Engel Schlagen Zurück"
    France: "La Feu de la Vengeance"

    And just to confirm: this is not DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK.

    It's easy to see were the misunderstanding comes from: For some obscure reason the Germans chose to translate "Deadly Angels Strike Back" into German ("Tödliche Engel Schlagen Zurück") but they used it for FIRE OF VENGEANCE instead!!! o_O

    There is no English dubbed or subbed release of FIRE OF VENGEANCE. It's released on German vhs, French vhs, and Indonesian vcd. All three releases are cut!

    - The German vhs is cut for violence but has all ordinary plot scenes uncut.

    - The French vhs is uncut in the violent scenes but has cut out some of the plot scenes.

    - The Indonesian vcd has the violence uncut but is missing two plot scenes. So there is no uncut version.

    DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK (aka Cewek Jagoan Beraski Kembali) is the sequel to FIVE DEADLY ANGELS (aka Cewek Jagoan) and is only released on vcd in Malaysia (and possibly Indonesia).

    All three films were directed by Danu Umbara and the plots are fairly similar (girls kick ass and take revenge) and they're great fun.

  12. Thanks Jack J,
    Looks like I will be looking out for a copy of Fire of Vengeance =)))) thankyou =)