Saturday, 24 July 2010

SPECIAL SILENCERS (Indonesia, 1982)

Indonesian title: SERBUAN HALILINTAR


Director: Arizal
Starring: Barry Prima, Eva Arnaz

Version used for this review:
ZDDmedia DVD-R bootleg (UK) sourced from English dubbed/Dutch subtitled VHS released in Holland.

I was gonna review this film first but incidentally Todd over at the excellent "Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill" blog just reviewed it so I might pull that review back a while. For his review go here.


What's it all about?

Why "Backyard" Asia? Because everybody else writes about kung fu films, J-horror, new Korean cinema, and not to mention Japanese monster movies.

When you read a lot of other online sites that deal with Asian films you get the impression there's nothing new to discover. They seem happy to only write MORE about the old stuff and the new (and popular) stuff. What's the point?

I've been watching weird, cool, and awesome (and sometimes very violent) Asian movies for twenty years and when I decided to start this blog I had no desire to merely confirm to everyone how awesome GODZILLA is and that it's really, really cool we don't need to settle for the "King of the Monsters" edit anymore. I love the same popular Asian cinema that everyone and his ugly cousin loves but is it really necessary to create blog post number three billion about it? Where's the fun in that!? I'd rather write about some obscure/forgotten/never discovered/lost/maybe awful/maybe wonderful weird movies from the outskirts of Asia. Now, that's where the fun is at! Now, there is a purpose for a blog! Now, that is needed! Why? Because nobody else* does it!

 Anyway, enough babble. Welcome to BACKYARD ASIA! 
 /Jack J

*I'm slightly exaggerating there, of course. Fortunately, I'm not entirely alone, although we sure are few and far between, there is a handful of like-minded fans into Asian worldweird cinema - check out my blog roll in the bar to the right on this page.

PS: Please notice - I often get emails from people asking where they can download the films that I write about. Sorry, but I can't help you as I don't download from torrent sites or anywhere else. I'll recommend you ask someone else. I have absolutely no idea of how and where you can download from. And I do not have an interest in uploading my films to anywhere in Cyberspace so save your time asking. I collect original video tapes, dvd's, video-cd's, laserdiscs, and I even still tape stuff off telly. Yeah, I'm old-skool. ^_^

PS.PS: to learn more about the author of this blog here's an interview that the spiffy Kwaidan Klub did with yours truly.