Wednesday, 23 March 2011

THE BEASTS (Hong Kong, 1980)


Directed by Dennis Yu.

VHS / UK / FS or LBX? / English dub / no subs / uncut pre-cert release / original version

This is the fully uncut ORIGINAL version of THE BEASTS. The bootleg company Video Search of Miami "released" a version they called FLESH AND BLOODY TERROR which cut out dialogue scenes and added hardcore porn inserts. This version is not an official edit and quite frankly it's an awful version!!! No, I'm not being prudish here but if I wanna watch HC porn I'll watch a HC porn movie. I have no wish to see an awesome film from HK's new wave genre ruined by infantile horny dickheads. ;-)

There is a DVD from Hong Kong (Cantonese with English subs, lbx) but I'm told it's cut by a minute or so. I haven't compared the two versions myself. However, the HK DVD is a good enough version so if you can't get the Dutch VHS (or a dupe of it) you'll be well served with the HK DVD.

VHS / Holland / letterbox / English dub / Dutch subs / uncut / original version

The above tape from Holland presents the very best version of the film: fully uncut and letterboxed - but the cover is an abomination, haha. Just who is that gwilo dude on the cover? He sure as hell isn't in the movie!! The by far (very far!!) best cover is the awesome pre-cert release from the UK (the top scan).

THE BEASTS on mega rare VHS from Korea.

[click scans of the UK and NL covers for bigger size]

I'm not sure if this is an official trailer or a fan made one - but in any case it's a pretty cool one!

Thanks to Matt (a nice Québécois who fortunately lives in Korea) who got me the Korean scan. His blog "Unknown Kino" is in the blog-roll on the right. And thanks to Teade in Holland who got me the Dutch scan (and later sold me a different copy of that release!).


  1. Replies
    1. Quite frankly I don't know. I don't have a copy of the Korean version. I got the scan from another collector years ago. I assume it's dubbed into Korean in any case.

  2. thanks for answering. do you compare the uncut vhs with the hong kong dvd? you know what is missing?

    1. No, I haven't compared the two. Someone else compared the two and, if memory serves me well, it's about a minute that is missing from the DVD. Someone really ought to do a proper comparison.

    2. I've just checked the "Alternative versions of Hong Kong movies" list and this is what it says:

      "The Beasts
      Pearl City VCD is cut to 83m as per the HK theatrical version. The rape has been shortened as well as some of the stronger violence.

      A bogus 72m version compiled by Video Search of Miami (VSoM) was released on tape in the USA as "The Flesh and Bloody Show*"; this print contained the uncut sex and violence, but added hardcore porn inserts during the rape. These were not shot by the director Dennis Yu."

      You'll find the full list under "Index" on this blog (in the bar on the right).