Friday 25 March 2011

THE FIGHTERS (Indonesia, 1982)

Feeble Troma re-title: Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters

Here's the Greek cover for the highly entertaining Indo movie THE FIGHTERS directed by Jopi Burnama (who also did RAMBU aka The Intruder) and starring Eva Arnaz and Barry Prima. The retards at Troma re-dubbed the film and made it into a "funny" comedy (I fail to see the comedy) and cut a big chunk out of it as well. This version came out on VHS. It was later re-released on a DVD which includes both versions. The cover of the Greek VHS shown here is of a superior video version that not only carries the original Indonesian English title, The Fighters, but which is also letterboxed. It was on eBay in October, 2009 and someone (a member of Cinehound, LOL) won it for the insane price of just over $200. I made what I believed was quite a bid but obviously it wasn't enough. :(

VHS / Germany / fullscreen / German dub / no subs
[click scan for full size]

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