Monday 28 March 2011

THE HAUNTED COP SHOP 2 (Hong Kong, 1988)

VHS / US Chinatown release / fullscreen / Cantonese / English & Chinese subs

Ricky Hui and Jacky Cheung are back in a sequel that's much wilder and over-the-top than the first film! One of my favourites!! How often in films do you get to hear someone say: "I'll think of him every time I urinate" about their dead friend? LMAO.

By the way, if you wanna get hold of HAUNTED COP SHOP 2 try and find the HK video-cd as it has a great letterboxed print, not fullscreen like the video tape shown here. The English subs are fully visible on the VCD. The screen grabs in this post are from the VCD.

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