Monday 14 March 2011

ISLAND WARRIORS (Taiwan, 1981)

Dir: Ulysses Au Yeung-Jun

I watched ISLAND WARRIORS last night and what can I say but, woah!! It's a fun movie about an island of men-hating women who fight pirates!! I really should do a review but until I (maybe) do that you can read TarTarkas' cool review here. The screen grabs are from my Greek VHS. There is a DVD release in the US with the crappiest cover I ever saw. Apparently the picture quality isn't any better than the Greek video tape which, if nothing else, has RAD cover art!!


  1. just a review??

    why you're not add this film to youtube or others tube?

    if just review, for what? many blogs like this in internet.

  2. For what? The film, obviously.

    Yeah there are many blogs like this on the internet but 99% of them write about boring mainstream crap - not cool and rare Taiwanese films like this one.

    If you want the film why don't you just buy it! It's only $10 from FarEastFlix. Cheapskate!

    Besides, picture quality on YouTube sucks ass.

  3. I don't know if i can buy it from my country, Indonesia.

    Btw, $10 is 110000 rupiah. In my country one movie just 5000-25000 rupiah. so, that's no cheap.

    I have some old indonesia movie, if you like it, i can upload that's.

    for example title : ANITA, the Female snake with actor Advent Bangun and Enny Beatrice.

    In this Blog many of old Indonesian movies. And do you know? I don't know why, although that's movie from Indonesia origin, but very rarely in here.

    I can find movie "Women Revenger"(1981) with directed Au Yeung-Jun in HK site. but i can find this movie yang yang jun aka Island warriors.

  4. I see the problem; Too bad the price level is so different. However, I can't really help you because I don't download films and I don't know where to do that from. I'm sure ISLAND WARRIORS is out there somewhere. Try some of the torrent sites like CG.

    Oh, and funnily enough I haven't been able to find a place to order WOMAN REVENGER from. o_O

  5. Guys Does anyone know any facts about Mary Wong Ma-Lee, the actress, who played in this film? She also played an Amazon queen in "Fantasy mission force" with Jackie Chan. Does she still take part in movies?
    Thanks in advanced.
    Greetings from Russia

  6. Hi there, Russian guy,
    I'm afraid I'll have to take a rain-check on that reply. I simply don't know.