Friday 11 March 2011

How to fly a kite and kill a guy (at the same time)

IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN aka Ninja Apocalypse / Ninja Avenger

VHS / Japan / fullscreen / English dub / Japanese subs
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Here's a pictorial rendition of the beginning of Gam Ming's (aka Chin Ming) very cool film IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN (Taiwan, 1983). It stars Elsa Yeung as a female hit-man and the first 10 minutes are among thee best first 10 minutes of any HK film! (yeah yeah I know I'm exaggerating and literally speaking it's not a HK flick so sue me! LOL).

The screen grabs are from my Greek ex-rental tape, not the Japanese tape shown in the above. The Greek VHS is half letterboxed and carries the original Mandarin audio track and English, Chinese & Greek subtitles. And also, the version on the Greek tape is the original Taiwan version (altho the print is probably from Hong Kong as it's subbed in English). The international version is dubbed into English and has added scenes of Westerners (but how much it differs from the Taiwan print I don't know as I haven't get the international version yet).

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The original version with credits in Chinese (for some reason the uploader decided to cut off the English subs but they definitely ARE on the print):

The international version with credits in Roman characters:

Thanks to ed209vscain for posting the Japanese VHS cover on Cinehound!


  1. I have a prerecord of this one on Mogul subsidiary All American as NINJA APOCALYPSE. Guess I should dig it out one of these days...

  2. Yeah you should! LOL. Cool that you have that tape. Someone mentioned it to me the other day and said it's most likely uncut. The UK tape (according to them) is heavily cut.