Monday, 28 March 2011


One of the holy grails of dark and nasty Hong Kong horror!!!

From top: US Chinatown VHS, HK laserdisc, German bootleg DVD. There are no official DVD releases anywhere. There's one company in the US who claim their bootleg is an *official* DVD but it's not. It's a boot sourced from the LD or VHS.


  1. That Apprehensive Films release looks shady as hell. I assumed it was a boot but, to be honest, most won't find it anywhere else.

  2. The Apprenhensive Films is a boot (and it's the one I was referring to) and I hate it, haha. Terrible cover and they act like it's their film. Fuck that weak shit! Brian, my friend Matt in Korea has re-subtitled the film (i.e. READABLE subtitles) and restored the picture quality! I believe he has put it on CG.