Sunday 27 March 2011


There are two different versions of CALAMITY OF SNAKES on Japanese VHS; one is the original version in Cantonese with Japanese subs, and the other (the one shown in this post) is dubbed into English w/Japanese subs. The Cantonese version was also released on DVD. There's also a VCD from HK but, uh, I forget if it's got subs or not (I don't have it).


  1. One of my friends has the rare South Korean cut, WHich has alternate footage, Apparently south korea doesn't mind that stuff, along with a huge ammount of south korean nasty sleaze stuff including once having a mondo aka like italian exploitation doccumentary, but south korean, and shot at a zoo there on vhs but sold it, Aka this guy, He's done a few composites for a couple of flicks using various cuts, including an uncut The Beasts 1980 version

    1. Oh, that's Matt, LOL. Yes, I'm familiar with him. I didn't know about the S-Korean edit of CALAMITY!

    2. Yeah, The south korean edit actually got footage used in Serpent Warriors 1985, along with maybe being longer than the original supposedly at 91 minutes! I got pics from Matt of the south korean vhs, And trust me it's a beauty, Would be surprised if it added new snake violence, more likely just changed the storyline and setting along with characters than anything, There's also an indian cut of Calamity which is 1 hour 18 minutes on youtube, which inserts shitty cgi inserts of the snake into it, really fucking weird Here, Another Calamity edit to keep a hold of, considering how stupid this one is