Thursday 18 August 2011

Holy mackerel, Batman!! The cover for the upcoming FLY ME / COVERGIRL MODELS dvd is here!!!

The DVD cover for SHOUT! FACTORY's upcoming DVD release of CIRIO H. SANTIAGO's two Filipino films, FLY ME and COVERGIRL MODELS is finally here! And with that it should (hopefully) be dead sure that we WILL be getting FLY ME on DVD!

As I reported recently, SHOUT! had actually at first cancelled including FLY ME because they didn't think the print was good enough. I asked label head guy Cliff Mac (in a forum post on Dvdmaniacs) to include the film despite the less than perfect picture quality and I guess the men in charge at SHOUT! pay attention to the opinion of BACKYARD ASIA blog because soon after they decided to include the film after all (or am I putting too much confidence into my own powers and this blog? Naah!).

The third film in the set is Roger Corman's American-Italian co-production THE ARENA starring PAM GRIER.

I don't have a release date yet.


  1. Hehehe!! Never discount the power of a vocal fan-base.... I'm still hoping that Thailand starts subtitling their DVD's in English again. I certainly complain enough about it at my Blog....

    It's things like this that give me hope that somebody out there actually listens to us real genre film fanatics....

    Hmmmm? I think I actually remember seeing that "gladiator" movie too.... but the details are fuzzy.

  2. Hi miss Nekoneko,

    LOL, nooo never underestimate the power of fanatical fans with ANGRY Asian film blogs, LOLZ!!!

    About the Thai DVDs: I know-I know, very annoying!! Someone on one of the Thai blogs mentioned (speculated?) a while back that some of the labels have stopped subbing their DVDs in English because that way they hope foreign markets will pick up the copyrights and release local versions. Somehow I doubt it'll have any significant effect (and you and I lose out on it. Boo-hoo).

    As always thanks for your comments. :D

  3. Yes... I heard that explanation too. Trouble is... it's a mistaken idea.

    I wish the Thai's would take a look at the Korean DVD industry as an example. They release just about all their domestic DVD's subbed into English... and it doesn't seem to hurt their ability to sell the film rights internationally at all.

    About all the Thai stubbornness has done is to have me paying someone in Singapore, HK, or Malaysia the money I would have gladly spent with them for a DVD...

    Oh well.... at least these three look like nifty lil' exploitation gems, and I'm always up for those!