Tuesday 30 April 2013

Rare promo from unreleased WONDER WOMEN sequel

Someone posted this rare promo from 1982 for an unfinished sequel to the Filipino film WONDER WOMEN!! The sequel were to be entitled WARRIOR WOMEN but the film was reportedly never finished.

Thanks to Matthew David on DVDManiacs forum for making me aware of this YouTube upload.

WONDER WOMEN dvd up for preorder

Retromedia's dvd release of WONDER WOMEN is listed for pre-order on Amazon.com now. The release date is June 18 and the current pre-order price is $15 (5 bucks off). Go here.

NB: the Amazon listing has the dvd listed as coming out from Bayview Entertainment/Widowmaker, however that's the distributor. This is the Retromedia release (thanks to Marc Morris for clearing that up).

Sunday 28 April 2013

Another copy of CANNIBAL MERCENARY 2 on eBay

The same eBay UK seller who had the Thai VCD release of CANNIBAL MERCENARY aka Employ For Die 2 aka Mercenary 2 up for sale obviously bought more than one copy! He's got another copy up for auction right now. The starting bid is again approx £30. I still don't own a copy of the film but, uhh, £30 for a bloody video-cd!!! >_< Here's the auction.

Monday 22 April 2013

Rare CANNIBAL MERCENARY sequel on eBay

If you've followed this blog a while you'll know I've been on the hunt for the RARE (as in totally uber rare!!) sequel to CANNIBAL MERCENARY (aka Mercenary / Employ For Die) for a couple of years now (if not, check here). The sequel has ONLY been released on a very rare video-cd in Thailand (in Thai language without subtitles).

A while back I was so fortunate as to find the the POSTER for the film by total chance at an eBay auction from a seller in Canada. The seller didn't know which film the poster was for and had listed it without the film's title!

However, the film itself has evaded me completely so far. Well, until a few days ago when my red eBay auto search lights started blinking like crazy! A seller in the UK had the VCD up for auction. "Unfortunately", he was fully aware of the rarity of the film/disc and starting price was £30 ($46).

There weren't all that many bids in the days that followed but sadly they quickly got out of my range. I knew of another collector who was interested and sent him a PM about the auction but needless to say he already knew about it. Winning bid came to £56 ($86) and I'm happy to say it was my fellow collector friend who won this rare release. Big congrats, mate.

To see the CANNIBAL MERCENARY 2 poster go here.

Friday 12 April 2013

Are BRUNO MATTEI cannibal movies Asian worldweird movies?

If you were to say no then... I'd have to disagree. Well, kinda. Bruno Mattei and his Italian film crew were, needless to say, Italian - but ol'e Bruno actually filmed quite a few of his post 2000 films in the Philippines and quite a few of the cast members were locals, either Filipino actors or the ex-pat actors we're so familiar with not least from the trashy Vietnam War and action films that were shot in the 'Pines in the 80s and early 90s. So in a bizarre way Bruno Mattei's cannibal movies that you see presented on Japanese VHS here actually do belong on this site!

Mattei also made several other films in the Philippines, ZOMBI 3 was shot there (and altho it is credited to Lucio Fulci it was probably Mattei who made most of the film due to Fulci's falling ill shortly after the filming had begun. It's rumoured that Fulci's footage only takes up about 15 minutes of the film) and so were his last two zombie flicks ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD and ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING, and also his highly entertaining and gory WIP film THE JAIL: A WOMAN'S HELL.

I received these two Japanese ex-rental video tapes yesterday. The two films are LAND OF DEATH (2003) (released in Japan as "Cannibal Holocaust: Cannibal vs. Commando") and CANNIBAL WORLD (2004) (aka "Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning" in Japan). The films are also released on Japanese DVD and these vhs/dvd releases are the ONLY legit releases anywhere in the world. There are bootleg dvd's in the USA, and LAND OF DEATH is out on a Russian boot dvd as well, but like I said they are bootlegs.

If you check the covers you'll notice sequel numbers 2 and 3 after the Japanese language titles. In Japan they were released as sequels to Ruggero Deodato's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST from 1980. The two films are quite entertaining but no-way nearly as awesome as Deodato's film. They're fun trash films though.

If you check Youtube you'll find the ordinary trailers for both films from the Italian film company, but here's the Japanese made trailer for LAND OF DEATH. Check it out, it's wild!!

Wednesday 10 April 2013


dir: Liliek Sudjio (Indonesia, 1983)

NOTE: QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC was apparently released under the alternative title "Black Magic 3" somewhere. I assume it was to link it to the BLACK MAGIC films from Hong Kong. Needless to say, it is a sequel in name only - not least considering QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC isn't even from Hong Kong but Indonesia!

NOTE #2: The drunk monkeys at IMDb list QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC as being in English and Indonesian. I'm facing my palm here. The reason English is included is because the American dvd is DUBBED into English. That doesn't make English part language of the film. I don't know if the people at IMDb feel it's better if they can make a film sound a little less "foreign" by adding English as the film's language. It's daft and annoying.


dir: Ho Meng-hua (Hong Kong, 1976)

English dubbed trailer for the censored USA vhs:

Original HK trailer:

Poster source: Hong Kong Movie Posters

BLACK MAGIC - trailer

dir: Ho Meng-hua (Hong Kong, 1975)

Poster source: Hong Kong Movie Data Base (link goes to front page. For some reason the HKMDB won't allow direct links to pages)

Poster source: Hong Kong Movie Posters


dir: Kuei Chih-hung (Hong Kong, 1973)

Poster source: Plakatsiden

Poster source: Hong Kong Movie Posters

Monday 1 April 2013

Alright, bring on the virgin apocalypse!

I wrote about the upcoming German dvd release of ANGELS WITH GOLDEN GUNS aka Virgin Apocalypse here. The dvd is coming from the video label CineClub and altho there's still no word no a release date, Spannick, who works for the video label, posted some cool screen grabs from the release over on Cinehound forum. The screen grabs in the proper aspect ratio certain look much better than the fullscreen version of the film that I've got! Spannick has also uploaded a clip from the print and re-uploaded the film's original IFD trailer. Check them both out! (the trailer is posted in the post just before this one).