Sunday 20 June 2021

STRIKE OF THE TORTURED ANGELS (S-Korea, 198?) - trailer

 Rare trailer uploaded to Toby Russell's YouTube channel: 


Very obscure South Korean WIP film dubbed into English and distributed internationally by Asso Asia Film in Hong Kong. Asso Asia Film was originally founded by Tomas Tang and Joseph Lai

The film is listed on IMDb but the Western credits are bogus names made up by messrs Tang & Lai. 

Read more about Asso and their releases on Jesus Manuel's excellent blog Golden Ninja Warrior Chronicles. Here's a direct link to his post about the film.

Most likely never released officially on any digital format. There are ex-rental video tapes from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the USA (the latter is probably a sell-thru/rental tape). They are all dubbed into English and fullscreen. The US dvd is a bootleg (I'm sure the label would call it a PD release but somehow I highly doubt they paid the Korean copyright holders - which renders it a bootleg).

The full film is on YouTube (off a Finnish VHS). Go here. 

Exrental VHS / Sweden / Eng. dub / Swedish subs / probably 4:3
(Cover courtesy of Jesus Manuel's blog)
Exrental VHS / Finland / Eng. dub / Finnish subs / 4:3
(Cover courtesy of Videospace)
[sarcasm]It's obvious the Finnish label hired a high range
layouter to apply the Finnish title for the cover