Wednesday 17 June 2020

Comments section off for a few days...

I posted about an increasing amount of SPAM on this blog recently, and unfortunately it's getting
worse by the minute (almost).

The spammers are all posting the same text but from different blogger profiles. I've got the filter up and even the word recognition thingy now. And yet it doesn't seem to do much in reg. to preventing the SPAMMY SPAM. So I'm going to try and switch off the comments section for a few days and see if that has any effect. Who knows what'll work against these auto-spammer robots!? 

Needless to say, it means YOU (yes, you) can't post comments. Sorry about that. I'll open up for comments in a couple of days or so.

Edit: Comments section is open again...

Sunday 7 June 2020


Philippines/USA (1968)
aka Tomb of the Living Dead (UK VHS)
aka Skrækkens blodige ø (Denmark VHS)
Directed by: Gerardo de Leon & Eddie Romero

Original trailer in its original aspect ratio (although there's been a LOT of debate over the aspect ratio of the three "Blood Island" films). (720p)


Philippines/USA (1966)
aka Blood of the vampires, 
aka Creatures of Evil (UK),
aka Vampyrernes forbandelse (Denmark) 
Directed by: Gerardo de Leon

Original trailer in it's original aspect ratio and pretty worn after having been played at hundreds of drive-ins (I assume). The video quality is top notch, though; HD (1080p)

CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES is great! I highly recommend you check out Andrew Leavold's reveiw here.

STRYKER - trailer

Philippines/USA (1983)
Directed by: Cirio H. Santago

Original trailer in original aspect ratio and HD (1080p)

BRAIN OF BLOOD - trailer

Philippines/USA (1971)
Directed by: Eddie Ro... no, wait... it's... Al Adamson! 

Original trailer in original aspect ratio and HD (1080p)

Hemisphere Pictures produced the original three Blood Island films (four, if you count TERROR IS A MAN), and they wanted to do one more film. However, for reasons that I'm not completely familiar with they had already left the Philippines and gone back to the States. So instead of Eddie Romero or Gerardo de Leon they hired Al Adamson to make a "Filipino" film with a monster and "blood" in the title!!

Did they fool anybody to think this really was a Filipino film? Not in a million years! But the film is still good fun and entertaining. But don't tell anybody I said that!

WHEELS OF FIRE - trailer

Philippines/USA (1985)
Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago

Original trailer in original aspect ratio and HD (1080p)


Philippines/USA (1973)
aka Flugten fra fangelejren (Denmark)
Directed by: Eddie Romero

Original trailer in HD (1080p)

TERROR IS A MAN - trailer

Philippines/USA (1959)
Directed by: Gerardo de Leon
Danish babe: Greta Thyssen
More credits and info on Andrew Leavold's blog

Original trailer in original aspect ratio and HD (1080p)


Philippines/USA (1988)
Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago

Original full length trailer in original aspect ratio and HD (1080p)

Old short trailer in fullscreen and CD (Crap Definition)

Saturday 6 June 2020

Sperm spam cells?

The past two weeks this blog has received at least 50 spam mails that all sound the same – but sent from different email addresses.

Now, if these daft spammers saw that their spam actually went thru to my blog I would understand their enthusiasm. But as it is their spam mails don't make it thru to this spiffy blog.

I have a spam filter. Of course I do! When you fill out the comment's section it even tells you that there's a filter. And yet these retards still keep hoping one of their dead sperm spam cells are gonna make it thru the filter. They don't and they won't!

If I were a spammer I'd probably move on to blogs/websites that don't have spam filters – but I guess that's just funny ol'e me. ROTFL

DAUGHTERS OF SATAN (USA/Philippines, 1972)

(USA/Philippines, 1972)
Director: Hollingsworth Morse

I've seen a lot of Filipino flicks but I must admit never to have come across DAUGHTERS OF SATAN before. Made as a US/Filipino coproduction in 1972 and directed by some guy called Hollingsworth Morse. The name did not ring a bell with this reviewer! A quick gander at IMDb makes me think this is probably his most interesting work. He made episodes in various TV series but nothing that stands out I'm sorry to say. I reckon this is his only horror film. 

An American businessman (played by Tom Selleck!) living with his American wife in the Philippines buys a painting from a mysterious antique dealer (played by Vic Diaz of course). The painting is 300 years old and shows three witches being burned alive. Charming picture to hang next to the dinner table! One of the witches looks exactly like his wife. The wife isn't too pleased with the purchase. She suffers from mental problems so having to look at herself being torched at the stake every day probably isn't her idea of cool interior decoration.

At some point while the husband is at work she encounters an evil dog, and an evil housekeeper turns up at her doorstep. Later there's another witch, more evil evildoers engaging in evil practices, and women getting flogged and hung over deadly iron spikes. 

DAUGHERS OF SATAN is odd and maybe it doesn't make too much sense but, hey, when was that a problem in horror movies!? I think the film is wonderfully odd and I much disagree with Ian Jane's 17 year old review from DVDManiacs (also copied by Andrew Leavold on his blog). He didn't think it was all that entertaining. Personally, I didn't look at the clock one single time throughout the film.
Ian Jane reviewed a UK DVD release in 2003 but I got the new (from 2018) blu-ray released by SHOUT! FACTORY. It doesn't mention if this release is sourced from a film negative or a 35mm print but it looks fabulous in any case. In contradiction to the DVD this release is in 1.85:1 widescreen. There's hardly any extras, a trailer and some still photos. The disc is subtitled in English. 

Final word: Highly recommended! (and I'd advise you get it sooner rather than later. These things have a tendency to go out of print fairly quickly these days). 

Apparently, the film played at US cinemas on a double bill with another US/Filipino production, SUPERBEAST. The trailer is for this double bill and SHOUT! have released both films on blu-ray (I own a terrible shit looking, censored bootleg DVD from ZDD. Needless to say, I have ordered the new blu-ray of SUPERBEAST but I reckon it's most likely stuck somewhere in traffic as so much stuff seems to be during these weird times we live in).