Friday 11 February 2022

ZUMA (Philippines, 1985) - trailer


Trailer lifted from the Japanese VHS release of ZIMATAR.

No info but a couple of reviews on Andrew Leavold's blog.

ZIMATAR (Philippines, 1982) - trailer

ZIMATAR (Larry Santiago Productions) [Philippines release date 7th October 1982] Directors Ric Santiago, Jose [Flores] Sibal Producer Larry Santiago

Cast J.C. Bonnin (Zimatar), Ace Vergel, Al Tantay, Michael De Mesa, Leo Delfin, Jing Abalos, Tony Carreon, Rosemarie Gil, Leila Hermosa, Lucita Soriano, Ruel Vernal

This trailer is copied from the Japanese VHS release of ZUMA. The ZIMATAR tape has the trailer for ZUMA.

Info lifted from Andrew Leavold's blog