Saturday 2 June 2018

Filipino remake of A BETTER TOMORROW back on YouTube

FILIPINO A BETTER TOMORROW (Willie Milan, 1992) is back on YouTube. Several Filipino film channels have kept putting it up and taking it down again, and I got sick of that and uploaded the bloody thing myself. There's actually a current upload from yet another Filipino film channel but they fucked up the settings and the picture is about half the size of what it should have been! This entertaining remake is completely ignored by film sites and fans! I wish somebody would put the film out on English friendly DVD or blu-ray in good picture quality but unfortunately I have my doubts that'll ever happen. Go here for the new and better upload and to check my old info filled post about the film.

Monday 19 March 2018

ASIAN CINEMA TAKEOUT fanzine No. 1 out now!

My buddy David K and Jessie Midnitecrawlr have just published the first issue of a new review fanzine on Asian cinema entitled ASIAN CINEMA TAKEOUT! I'm on board as a writer and there's a bunch of other spiffy folks there as well. The zine is 20pp and it's scheduled to get released every two months.

Apart from a limited print edition exclusively for the fanzine's writers, the mag is going to be purely a gratis print-on-demand zine; In other words you print your own edition. For free. Either that or download and read it as a PDF file.

To download/print go here.

Friday 23 February 2018

Ho Meng-Hua's BLACK MAGIC 2 coming to blu-ray soon

Woah!!! Ho Meng-Hua's BLACK MAGIC, PART 2 is being released on blu-ray! This is one of my all time fave HK horror flicks. Dark and wild. DARK AND WILD!!! Part one is good but this is way better! It took years and years of waiting to get to see this. It never received a release in any format in HK. There was ONE vhs release in the USA - cut beyond belief (missing ten minutes). Eventually they put out a reg. 1 dvd.

Film credits on HKMDB

From 88 Films in the UK.