Sunday 22 February 2015


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Directed by: Andrew Meyer (USA/Philippines, 1972)
On reg. 1 DVD from Scorpion Records.

Fully uncut CHINATOWN KID found on Danish VHS

Although I usually don't post about kung-fu films this is pretty exciting. A fully uncut version of Shaw Brothers CHINATOWN KID has turned up on ex-rental VHS in Denmark.

The tape runs just under 110 minutes (PAL) while the DVD from Celestial runs a mere 86 minutes and to add insult to injury the DVD uses an alternative "happy ending". The Danish VHS is fully uncut and uses the original ending.

Big thanks to Diabolik for this info (and cover scan).


I've just updated the old "Alternative Versions of Hong Kong Movies" post. The old list was from 2008 but I've found a newer version of the list from 2015. You'll find it here.