Thursday 22 October 2020

FILIPINO A BETTER TOMORROW gone again thanks to Italian cunt

  I just got a notification from YouTube; my upload of the entertaining Filipino remake of John Woo's A BETTER TOMORROW has been blocked worldwide due to a claim from - get this - a one-man company in Italy called Greater Fool Media! For fuck's sake!!! I would be very, VERY, surprised if this retard has anything that resembles copyrights for the film (the claim is for the whole film, not a piece of music). Needless to say I've counter-claimed but knowing the drunk monkeys at YouTube they'll probably do nothing about it other than suggest I take it to court. 

I wonder if there's a YouTube-like site in some backwards territory that isn't run by dickheads where you can upload old rare films and where nobody in charge gives a flying fuck about cunts like this Italian and their bogus claims. I should look into it.