Wednesday, 25 May 2011

THE GUNFIGHTER AND THE KID (Philippines, 1983)

Extremely rare Danish ex-rental VHS release of the Filipino film THE GUNFIGHTER AND THE KID (aka The Gunfighter / The Kid and the Gunfighter).


1983 - The Gunfighter (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[An entirely Filipino production filmed in the United States, Philippines release date 26th December 1983; distributed internationally by Saga Film International in 1985, released on Greek VHS as "The Gunfighter And The Kid" (on-screen title), and on the cover as “The Kid And The Gunfighter” ]

Director Romy Suzara Story/Screenplay Tony Calvento Producer [uncredited] Espiridon Laxa Music Jun Latonio Production Manager Cayetano B. Lalic Sound Engineer Vic Macamay Editor Augusto Salvador Cinematography Rey Lapid, Bhal Dauz Post-Production Coordinator Leonides Laya Assistant Cameraman Efren Lapid Assistant Director Mike Mariano Special Effects/Routine Instructor Eddie Nicart Sound Effects Jun Martinez Assistant Editors Toto Natividad, Efren Salvador, Boy Gloria Dubbing Director Jess Ramos Opticals Amano Buencamino Unit Manager Murray Ord

Lito Lapid (Tejan), Connie Angeles (Wawona), Chuck Biller (Frank Smith), Cole McKay (JJ), Paul Jones (Lex Jake), Marlene Chavez (Mother of Tejan), Rey Lapid (Father of Tejan), Vernell Dizon Arquero (Lito The Kid), Brad Fletcher (Desperado), Bret Davidson (Desperado), Kurt Campau (Desperado), Rooster Cortez (JJ’s Henchman), Terry Reynolds (JJ’s Henchman), Don Moody (JJ’s Henchman), Greg Willowman (JJ’s Henchman), Jerry Hall (Sheriff), Emil Varga (Judge), Linda King (Saloon Keeper), Rod Casteel (Store Keeper), Ken Wilson (JJ’s Man), Warren Simons (JJ’s Man), Mike Valentine (JJ’s Man), Mark Janco (JJ’s Man), Eddie Nicart (Chief Aide) Indian Village People Bonnie Delgado, Mary Patino, Mary Melina, Rory Delgado, “Baby” Casey Delgado, Anita Cruz, Armin “Chico” Sanchez, Frank “Don” Hogya Indian Warriors Bill Porter, Larry Bruce, Chico Sánchez, Don Hougie Stagecoach Passengers Joe Anderson, Frank Blakeney Indian Girls Cassandra Delgado, Mary Petino Wife Of The Judge Soakie Chacolla, Vicky Varga


  1. I have a copy (greek subtitles) but it's extremely poor quality. Would love to find a decent copy. I played Frank Smith in this film. Would you know if there are copies of better quality? Thanks! Chuck Biller

    1. My dad and uncle are in this as well!

  2. Hey Chuck,
    You were Frank Smith in "The Gunfighter and the Kid"? Cool!

    To the best of my knowledge the film has never been released on official DVD and the only VHS releases I'm aware of are the ones from Greece and Denmark. I own the Danish tape. The picture is fullscreen, English audio, and the picture looks like any old good video tape. Kinda like the picture off an old analogue tv channel. Not perfect but not "extremely poor" either. Not at all. Some of those Greek tapes look like you watch them on a foggy day. Was it a bootleg you watched? Maybe it was a copy off a copy off a copy, etc.

    1. UNDSKYLD men Har du denne film endnu????

      Så må du meget gerne skrive til mig...
      Så denne film med min far da jeg var lille...

    2. Hi Cantalay,

      En dansk læser! Det var da helt usædvanligt! Ja, jeg har stadig båndet, og jeg har netop sendt dig en email.

  3. Probably a copy of copy. Interestingly enough, it was just uploaded to YouTube a couple days ago! The URL is Thanks!

  4. My dad and uncle are in this! I must have it!

  5. Hi Autumn Bernier!
    Apologies for this late reply, mate. And apologies fly out to Chuck Biller and Cantalay as well.

    Autumn Bernier, wauw, your dad and uncle are in the film as well. What's their names?

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread there is no DVD release of this film. The only two VHS releases that I am aware of are the Greek and Danish video tapes. I can definitely make you all a DVD-R copy off my VHS. It won't look awesome but it'll look exactly like my original VHS from Denmark.