Tuesday 17 May 2011

DEADLY TARGET (Philippines, 1986)

Original title: LABAN KUNG LABAN

VHS / Holland / fullscreen / English dub / Dutch subtitles
[click scan to see full cover]

Tacky cover tagline: *This man is unstoppable*

1986 - Deadly Target (Viking Films)

[Philippines release date 4th June 1986, original title “Laban Kung Laban”]

Director Romy Suzara Screenplay Jose Carreon Cinematography Ernie dela Paz Music Jaime Fabregas Editor Augusto Salvador Sound Rolly Ruta Art Director Bobby Bautista

Cast Rudy Fernandez, Beth Bautista, Ronaldo Valdez, Liz Alindogan, Johnny Delgado, Mario C. Montenegro, Delia Razon, Melissa Mendez, Zandro Zamora, Bomber Moran, Roberto Talabis.


Ahh, joy, bliss, heaven! I received this awesome ex-rental tape from Holland yesterday. It's a VERY rare release of a VERY rare Rudy Fernandez revenge flick from the Philippines. I was told there was only a censored German dubbed VHS release of this but fortunately that turned out to be incorrect. A reader left a message over on my When the Vietnam War raged... in the Philippines blog and mentioned there's also a VHS release in Greece!

So far I've only skimmed thru the film but it looks highly entertaining! The film runs a whooping 1h50m!! Thanks to Petcor80 from Cinehound for the awesome trade!

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