Sunday, 12 September 2010

LA FEMME NIKITA, not the HK way, not the US way, not the telly way... the FILIPINO way!

BURADOR, ANG BABAING SUGO (Philippines, 2000)

Check this trailer out; it's a remake of the French classic LA FEMME NIKITA from the Philippines!!! And it looks awesome! The Nikita character is played by Filipino actress January Isaac who starred in a bunch of action film from 1997 thru to 2004.

I posted the trailer on my Filipino blog recently but it NEEDS to be posted here as well cos it's just too cool!! And, uh, also cos my extensive search for a copy of the film has brought me... nothing. I'm pretty sure it was only released on VHS and maybe there's a VCD in the Philippines. The trailer was uploaded by Dvdmaniacs member Robert who's located in the US and he tells me the trailer stems from a locally released tape (with a different film) that his parents rented many years ago.

Unfortunately, Robert doesn't have the film either. If any of you have a copy... well, you know in which direction to send a DVD-R (hint hint). Unfortunately, I have a feeling a copy isn't gonna turn up any day soon. Boo-hoo.

EDIT: ARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! The uploader closed his account and I forgot to download the trailer!!! [and yes I'm kicking myself in the head] If anybody else has the trailer could you please upload it again. Cheers. 

EDIT NO. 2: Thanks (big thanks!) to a tip from an awesome reader the trailer is now here again A-N-D I even have the full film as well now (check link in comments' section)!!!  xD
- And this time I've made bloody well sure to download the trailer (and film) in case it disappears again!!!


  1. Here's the trailer;
    and here's the movie

    1. TipsyDave, whoever you are, I love you, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!