Thursday 14 April 2011

THE UNTOLD STORY (Hong Kong, 1993)


Category III

Based on true events that took place in Macau some years back. The story has been filmed several times.
Herman Yau and Anthony Wong's great big insane video nasty masterpiece! Along with the team's EBOLA SYNDROME this is THEE shit!! If you're into horror movies but haven't seen this one then everyone who is "in the know" is gonna laugh right into your face when you tell them! They're gonna call you a 5 minute fanboy. A poser. And then they're gonna show you the door. Haha.

Skip the HK DVD (cos it cut and fullscreen) and get this excellent DVD from Tai Seng. Correct format and uncut. I believe the German DVD is equally good (and comes with handy chop sticks) but I haven't seen that one. For a perfect video nasty evening watch these two (if you can stomach them both in one go) and if you've got the whole evening kick off with Yau & Wong's TAXI HUNTER. :D

Thai poster (and yes I own it!)

HK laserdisc

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