Wednesday, 13 April 2011

NIGHT CALLER (Hong Kong, 1985)

Not to be confused with another Hong Kong movie called MIDNIGHT CALLER.

dir: Phillip Chan

Pretty good giallo (!!) from Hong Kong. There's no DVD so you'll have to track down the old HK Ocean Shores VCD or the Eastern Heroes VHS from either the UK or their Dutch tape from Holland. The UK tape includes film and cast info on the inner sleeve but apparently they didn't think the continentals would need that, LOL. All three releases are subbed in English. However, according to a user on HKMDB, the Ocean Shores laserdisc doesn't have English subs. I wonder why OS used different prints for their seemingly similar releases. Their THE RAPE AFTER video is cut but the VCD is uncut. o_O


  1. Night caller was also edited in Spain on tape under the title of PERVERSION EN LA NOCHE ( Night pervertion).

  2. Thanks, JM. Apparently Spain was a good country for obscure films on VHS. What do you mean by "edited"? Was it cut?

  3. No no...when I said edited I meant released!. In Spanish edited & released have the same meaning. when is cut edition we use another word or we just say it directly.

    Spain was not so good as Greece but we also enjoyed a lot of obscurities. I am going to pass you the original vhs cover of this one. as always I have to ask my friend to scan it for me!

  4. That's brilliant! Thanks, Jesus Manuel.

  5. i have the os vcd. my version is in chinese with english subs by the way. maybe there are, like often, diffrent versions out there (like daughter of darkness - cut and uncut vcd from hk)

    kind regards

    1. I have the same OS VCD and also the UK + NL VHS. They're all in Chinese w/subs.