Saturday 28 May 2011

Trouble with Blogger (again!)

I've been having troube logging into my Blogger account (that hosts these blogs) the last few days and if any of you are having the same problem, and if you're using Firefox, you might wanna try and switch to Explorer. I did it and it works charm! I have no log in or layout problems anylonger. I still can't log in with FF tho. Very annoying. >_<


  1. I'm having trouble with blogger as well. Tried to revamp the blog recently and nearly all the things on the sidebar disappeared. When I restarted The blog 2 people dropped off as followers.hahaha. About 4 days ago I got about 1700 hits on the stats but it seems that all they're after are just images of Turkish actors and nothing else.Today on facebook i tried to log in but it wouldn't accept my password and had to log in about 12 times to get in.


  2. I tried with Firefox again to day and now it works again!