Friday, 13 May 2011

Please I.D. this film by the director of WITCH WITH FLYING HEAD!!! has had problems the past 24 hrs and the newest post on all blogs have disappeared. I'm re-posting my last post down below but Blogger says they'll restore all old posts so hopefully I can remove this again when that happens. Thanks to Brian about the hint of how to get the text back - cos NO I don't backup anything, argh!!.

Yesterday, someone left an anonymous message on my other blog! The message was a tip about an auction for a video tape in Taiwan! The anonymous poster said the VHS (pictured in the above) was directed by the same guy who made the cool Taiwanese horror movie WITCH WITH FLYING HEAD. His name is Chang Jen-Chieh (aka Cheung Yan-Git, Chang Rern-Jier, Chang Jen-Chieh, Chang Ren-Chiat, Chang Jen-Tsei, Zhang Ren-Jie).

However, my nameless friend didn't mention the title of the film and unfortunately I don't read Chinese. And even if I did that may not help much with the English title anyway. I did a Google translation and came up with "Read the Evil Dragon Shaohua Qing Epworth Serious", haha. I did a quick check of Chang Jen-Chieh's film list on Hong Kong Movie Data Base but none of the film titles look similar in any way except a couple that include "dragon(s)".

And if at least it was possible to place bids for the tape (there's 8 hours left and so far no bidders) but unfortunately it seems you can't do that when you live outside of Taiwan (which, obviously, I do). Do any of you know which film this is? The cover looks very cool but what kind of movie is this, is it a horror movie? I checked all 15 films listed on HKMDB and it seems Chang Jen-Chieh has directed films in many different genres. If any of you live in Taiwan please buy the tape and send me a dvd-r copy. Cheers. xD.

PS: And thanks heaps to Brian over at COOL ASS CINEMA blog for the kind mention. I appreciate that (a lot). Check Brian's post about obscure Asian flicks here. And I see I've got a handful of new followers (maybe due to Brian's post!) so welcome to you too. Kick yer feet up and feel at home! xD


  1. This film under Chinese named CHE CHI LIEN. Pls check reference at HKDB or IMDB.

  2. Thanks for your transcription to Roman letters but it still doesn't help me much. LOL. HKMDB only uses English titles and Chinese titles written in Chinese. And nothing comes up at IMDB (well, nothing useful anyway). But thanks again.

  3. Hi Mr. Backyard. Mr. Coolass posted a link to your request. I will take a look at this over the weekend and get back to you. Can't promise 100% translation but I'll do what I can. :)

  4. Oh by the way, can you post a larger image so I can see the characters? Or you can message me with one. Thanks!

  5. Hi there, miss Achillesgirl. Mr Coolass (lol) did mention he knew someone who might be able to help out. Awesome. Thanks!

    A bigger scan: Sorry no can do. If you click the link for the auction you'll see where I got it from. I've even made it a bit larger here in this post and I don't think I can make it much bigger and it still be readable.

    What I'm mostly interested in is anything that can help me find out which film it is. A kind poster in Japan actually transcribed the Chinese title to Roman characters but that didn't help much as none of the sites, blogs, and film bases uses that title (that I could find anyway). And then that title got deleted by Blogger during their 24 hour crash earlier today! Argh.

  6. This is the text about the film from the Auction site:

    懷舊經典國片VHS錄影帶-邪之念 龍邵華 卿愛華 嚴重 阿西 導演:張人傑

  7. After googling the director and film, which translates to something similar to "A Study in Evil"(1988), I will assume that this film has never been given an English title. Although it is listed in Chinese databases, it's not on HKMDB or IMDB so it seems that there is not much Western knowledge about it. You picked yourself a doozy! :)

  8. Miss Achillesgirl, thank you so much for your help and hard work! Hmm, this actually makes me wanna see the film even more! Picked myself a doozy! I should retitle this blog "Festering On Worldweird Doozies". LOL.
    Thanks again. :D