Tuesday 24 May 2011

The cover for SHOUT! Factory's FIRECRACKER / TNT JACKSON / TOO HOT TO HANDLE dvd is here! Yay!! Spiffy!!!

Arrghh, the times we're squattin' in right now aren't too shabby in regards to cool DVD releases I'd say!! Yesterday, I received the new Australian release of MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASED which has an additional disc with THE MUTHERS (and heaps of extras including an hour of cool Filipino trailers!) and this afternoon I see this (via Dvdmaniacs): The cover for the upcoming DVD release of FIRECRACKER (aka Naked Fist, 1981), TNT JACKSON (1974) and TOO HOT TO HANDLE (1977)!

It goes without saying that I'm looking forward to this release A LOT as FIRECRACKER and TNT JACKSON are highly entertaining and FIRECRACKER has never been released on DVD before (TNT has an awful public domain DVD which comes out short when you compare it to my old Danish VHS!!). I've got them all on VHS but needless to say (and with Shout! Factory's rep. for using fabulous prints) this release is bound to smoke my old tapes!

FIRECRACKER is Cirio H. Santiago's remake of his own TNT JACKSON, and he even remade the damn film AGAIN in 1992 as ANGELFIST. It would have been fun if SHOUT! Factory had chosen to include all three versions and put TOO HOT TO HANDLE on another release (ANGELFIST, however, is available on a fairly good DVD from New Horizons so who's complaining). Two more US-Filipino films are slated for release from SHOUT!: SAVAGE! (1973) and FLY ME (1973)

Thanks to Simon of EXPLOSIVE ACTION blog for sending me the MACHETE release!!


  1. Haven't seen FIRECRACKER in years and it will be nice to toss out the old TNT JACKSON disc with its choppy print.

    SAVAGE! will be nice to have, too.

  2. I bought the old TNT dvd thinking it would be an upgrade from my vhs! When I watched it I thought the quality was so terrible I remember pulling it off and putting my vhs on to watch the rest of the movie! LOL.

  3. Naked Fist was on movies4men satellite channel in UK. Quality was pretty good. Not public domain.

  4. Yeah? Cool. I've got a pretty decent VHS but I'm certainly looking forward to the DVD heaps. :D