Tuesday 17 May 2011

SILUMAN CLURIT PERAK (Indonesia, 1988)

review by PETER "KOTHAR"

Director: Dasri Yacob

Cast: Yurike Prastica, Yan Bastian, Herby Latuperisa, Essy Lousiana, Jamal Jentak, Ruslan Basrie, Djoni Abdullah

Genre: Horror, Action

An evil witch kidnapped people and turns them into zombies. Two young warriors, a pretty girl and an old master fight against the witch and her helpers and monsters.

This is another ultra weird, crazy trash-megabomb from Indonesia. We have an evil witch who likes to bite off penis, one eye is gouged with a branch, flying skulls, zombies, vampire bats, funny transformations, intestines, bloody kung fu fights, flying coffins attack villagers !!!, the old master strangled his opponents with a giant tongue !!, exploding bodies, bizarre black magic rituals, worms eating and many more.
It is actually not to put into words, therefore, the pictures speak for themselves.

Click the scans to see their full size:

I've tried to make the scans a bit bigger on the page so if the framing looks weird that's the reason!


  1. where can i get this movie? thank you。

    1. Hi Yanlei,
      Sorry about this late reply. And also, I'm afraid I can't help you with the film. I don't own it and I don't know where you can get it. I'd love to have a copy myself. The review was first posted on Cinehound forum and I just asked the poster, PETER KOTHAR, if I could re-post it here. I don't know if Peter still posts on Cinehound but you might be able to find him there and ask.