Wednesday 18 May 2011


I've just added Peter "Petcor80"'s review from Cinehound (including 11 scans) to the THE FANTASTIC SWORD post. Go here.

By the way, I believe I may very well own the only existing original copy of this Hong Kong video-cd. At least among collectors. None of the scenesters (LOL) I'm in touch with have come across another copy or heard of one. And this HK vcd is most likely the only release there is. I bought it off eBay in early 2010 and the seller had it listed at 80 dollars!!! You can buy a new car in the Czech Republic for that kind of money! I knew the seller from a message board so I wrote to him and said I really wanted the vcd but didn't have $80. I think I either asked if he would sell me a dvdr dupe or I offered him very little for the original. Well, in any case fortunately he was (probably) having a good day so he said: "Pay me 20 bucks and it's yours" [i.e. for the original, not a dvdr!]. Including postage it came to $28. xD xD xD

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