Friday 13 August 2010

ZIMATAR - rare film, rare trailer!

Here it is, finally. The trailer for the very rare Filipino adventure film ZIMATAR


Thanks to bearded man Patrick for uploading this! EDIT (11.02.2022) He took down his channel. "Thanks", dude! Fortunately I had downloaded a copy, so here it is via my own YouTube channel! Great stuff. The trailer comes from the Japanese VHS release of the Filipino horror flick ZUMA (which I've written about before). The other way 'round, the ZIMATAR tape contains a trailer for ZUMA (in English no less, although the film has never been dubbed). Both Japanese tapes are very rare and go for rather huge amounts on eBay. ZUMA only exists on Japanese VHS and Filipino VCD (the first is very rare, the latter is very very rare, LOL). ZIMATAR only exists in English on very very rare Japanese VHS (of which I'm the happy owner of a copy!) and there's a crappy German DVD/VHS release (which is crappy because the picture is overmodulated + needless to say it's dubbed in German and the DVD sadly doesn't offer neither a Filipino or English option).
(you can click both scans for spiffy proper sizes!) [repost from my other blog, Aug. 2009]

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