Wednesday 4 August 2010

DEATH BOND (Philippines, 1988)

Nick Nicholson as a double-crossing sleaze-bag in DEATH BOND

Nick: "You know, I can't get over it".

Other guy: "What?"

Nick: "The striking resemblance between you and horse-shit!"

[review to come]

Puzon Film Enterprises, Inc. presents
A Conrad Puzon and Pierre C. Lee Production

Glass: Jeff Weston
Lt. Lane: Eves Hudson
Donahue: Darwyn Swalve
Stroh: Henry Strzalkowski
Lido: Nick Nicholson
Petey: Jeff Griffith
Sam: Eli Marder
Camille: Casey Staub
Admiral Smith: Francis Nerone
Frank: Marvin Bund
Sylvie: Chantal Manz
Ex-Wife: Melissa Dozier
Boyfriend: Guel Romero
John Lawrence: Warren Mclean
Bodyguard 1: Allan Klem
Bodyguard 2: Gregory Walsh
Young Lady: April Schutz
Young Kid: Aaron Staub
Bartender: Tony O'Donne
Bar Waiter: Dave Harrison
Rebel Leader 1: Joe Fisher
Rebel Leader 2: Albert Bronski
Helicopter Gunner: Philip Gordon
Helicopter Pilot: George Soeth
Car Driver: Robert Allen
Hotel Receptionist: Judy Smith
Assistant Director: Joe Towers
Production Manager: Glenn Parian
Casting Director: Vic Saad
Fight Stunt Director: Rey Sagum
Car Stunt Director: Baldo Marro
Costume Designer: Merlito Santos
Set Designer: Melchor Defensor
Special Effects: Jun Marbella
Script Continuity: Juliet Chentes
Production Assistant: Jerry Asuncion
Field Soundman: Donald Santos
Camera Operator 1: Pablo Bautista
Camera Operator 2: Bernardo Gavino
Electrician: George Rosales
Set Director: Tanny Perez
Wardrobe Master: Ron Henry Tan
Make-Up Artist: Teresa Mercader
Stunt Coordinator: Jolly Jogueta
Post Production Manager: Johnny Leoncio
Sound Mixer: Vic Macamay
Sound Effects Editor: Tony Gosalvez
Asst. Sound Effects Editor: Greg Torres
Assistant Editor 1: Willie Asuncion
Assistant Editor 2: Rene Dugtong
Property Master: Jerson Arididon
Location Manager: Dories Gallardo
Transport Manager: Lito Roranes
Schedule Master: Renato Mendoza
Wardrobe Assistant: Jude Quinito
Property Assistant: Angelito Estacio
Set Carpenters: Isko Ginoo, Romy Tarin
Set Artist: Jun Peregrino
Setman: Max Pangilinan
Property Custodian: Fe Herrera
Field Cashier: Meddy Tajonera
Production Accountant: Rita Pontanares
Production Secretary: Jossie Almazan
Best Boy 1: Jon-Jon Salazar
Best Boy 2: Alejandro Mendoza
Best Boy 3: Joey Lotivio
Props & Armory: Multi-Props, Inc.
Shooting Equipment: X'Or Production
Laboratory: P.I.A.
Sound Facilities: Magna Tech Omni
Title: Amang Buencamino

[all credits are from the print, not the bloody IMDb!!!]

[All screen grabs in this post are from my own ultra rare Greek video tape]

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