Wednesday 20 February 2013


Check this out! It's a new VHS bootleg release of a composite print of the insane Thai Vietnam flick CANNIBAL MERCENARY!! And yes, I did say V-H-S. As in video tape. How cool is that! It's a very limited release and, lo and behold, it's already sold out! I've never watched this particular composite print and I have no idea what extra is in it compared to the uncut international print; I'll let you know when I receive my copy. I'm told there's some stuff from the Tomas Tang Hong Kong version (but I believe there's no scenes of gwilos!). Oh, and check the liner notes on the back! I thought being asked to do liner notes for this particular film was pretty cool (and they're my first ever so that's cool too). ^_^
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The label behind the release is KING OF THE WITCHES that are located in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA. Check their Facebook page here.


  1. That's awesome, Jack, congratulations! I need to see this movie, but no way to watch a VHS, lol. Hopefully they will re-release this as a DVD-R.

  2. Thanks, Brian. I should point out that the "on the box" slip-up in the cover text wasn't my mistake. They probably copy/pasted it twice and didn't notice a few words were repeated. LOL.

    I don't know if this is gonna come out on an "official" dvd-r but I'm sure you can get a copy. ^_^

  3. Nice work, Jack! I got this crazy movie on bootleg vhs from Video Search of Miami back in the early '90s. I'm guessing that print is cut, but can't imagine what could have been put back in!

  4. Thanks, mate! I have no idea if anything was put back in!! I thought the HK version only contains a cut version of the international version plus some new scenes of gwilos, made in HK. It's not my understanding that any gore or action is missing from the NTSC print (which is most likely the one you got on bootleg from VSoM). The Thai VCD is even cut for gore compared to the NTSC tape (but has some extra dialogue scenes). I own a dvdr dupe of the German dvd but quite frankly I haven't bothered to watch it properly. Is there footage from the Thai cinema print that doesn't exist in the NTSC video version or on the Thai VCD??? I have no idea!!! It'll be interesting to find out.