Friday 15 February 2013

Attackafant SERPENT dvd not cancelled

The headline for yesterday's post originally read, "Thunder of Gigantic Serpent on its way - and cancelled!" - but Joachim Andersson informs me that the dvd hasn't been cancelled; it's just coming along very, very slowly. You can say that again! The dvd was scheduled for release in 2011. But in any case that is certainly good news. Thanks to Joachim Andersson and do check his own film blog here.

UPDATE (07.03.2016) - Unfortunately, the above turned out to be nonsense. After the fiasco of the first DVD Fred Anderson chucked his second release in the trash. THUNDER OF GIGANTIC SERPENT is NOT going to be released from Attackafant. The label doesn't exist any longer. Unfortunately, Fred Anderson also removed his trailer for the film from YouTube (and unfortunately I didn't download it, otherwise I would have re-uploaded it). Too bad.

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