Monday 17 October 2011

Shopping for that thar rare world-weird film

Here's just a quick shopping tip for the Danish ex-rental VHS release of weird, wild, and wacky Indonesian JUNGLE VIRGIN FORCE (aka Perawan rimba, 1988). Needless to say the film isn't released on DVD and unless the good people at Mondo Macabro begin to release Indo films again it's probably not gonna get an official release any day soon. The Danish tape carries the English dub and is uncut. The auction runs for another 5 hours and you can check more video clips on the seller's eBay page. EDIT: Hmm, it seems less people are into worldweird horror than what I'd expect. That awesome film only had two bidders and went for $10.50. Either that or most people only want films in the shape of free computer files off the internet these days. I guess I'm a dying breed, I still prefer real releases to put on the shelf.   NB: I should just point out I am not the seller.


  1. It's sad, I know.... Unfortunately too many people are satisfied with the crappy, buggy, illegal downloads and gems like this languish.... unreleased on DVD's because of it.

    I see it's been snapped up... I hope it goes to a good home....

  2. Ain't that the sad truth! :(

    Yeah, I hope it went to someone who appreciates it, too.