Friday 14 October 2011

Killer Elephants in downtown Stockholm!

The DVD release from Fred Anderson's spiffy new video label, ATTACKAFANT ENTERTAINMENT, is finally here!! Check out the cool cover for the Thai movie THE KILLER ELEPHANTS. Awesome! 

The layout was done by Matt, a cool cat who's French-Canadian and who lives in Korea! Talk about an international label! (and me myself I had the smallest input in the release so let's not even mention that, lol). I certainly look forward to getting hold of a copy. 

Fred is still working on setting up a web-shop and so far it's only people in Stockholm who have to chance to get the DVD from SubDVD (who unfortunately closed down their mailorder service this summer). Njuta Films are going to distribute the ATTACKAFANT DVDs in Sweden. I asked AWE on their Facebook page if they are planning on doing the same but I guess their lack of response means they're not interested. :/ Good luck to Fred on this! 

Check Fred's post about the DVD here (where there's also a link to the label's Facebook page). 




  1. Yeah!! I got a copy from Fred today, and he says it'll be available from Diabolik in a few days. :D