Thursday 6 October 2011

Bill Barounis - RIP

It's with great sadness that I post this. Bill Barounis of Onar Films (Greece) has died after a long battle with cancer. Bill leaves a wife and child. The sad news came earlier today via his friend in Greece, film director Fokion Bogris.

Although I never met Bill I've known him for years and I consider him a friend. Rest in peace, Bill.

My friend Jason's post about Bill.


  1. My condolences, Bill. :(

    It's always hard to lose somebody you know no matter how personally you were acquainted.

    I didn't know Bill myself, but I've always had respect for Onar Films as being people who truly love the same sort of goofy old movies I enjoy and who want to share that with the world. They do good stuff.... and that's worth a lot in this girl's book.

  2. Thanks, Nekoneko! And I'm with you on everything you said.