Saturday, 12 February 2011


Original titel: DUO BAO LONG HU DOU

Check out this wild trailer!!! SATANIC CRYSTALS is released on German DVD (English & German dub), Taiseng/Pan Asia VHS (Cantonese with English subs), and HK laserdisc (Canto & Mandarin with English subs).

Director: Cheng Kei-Ying

Leung Kar-Yan
Cynthia Lee
Christoph Kluppel
Chiang Tao
Sun Chien
Ng Man Tat
Stuart Ong
Ha Chi Jan
Shing Fui On
Wan Seung-Lam
Paul Wong Kwan
Cheung Kwok-Leung

Released on German DVD (English & German dub) & Tai Seng VHS in the US (Cantonese audio with English & Chinese subs).

Thanks to Spannick for the trailer upload and credits info.


  1. an german homepage is saying that the tai seng vhs and the hk laserdisc (i soon will get one:-) are in one sex-scene censored compared to the german dvd.

    looking forward to the film

  2. Thanks for the info (I actually knew about the cut from someone else but forgot to mention it on the blog). I have only watched the German DVD which is dubbed in English (and German).