Sunday 28 April 2013

Another copy of CANNIBAL MERCENARY 2 on eBay

The same eBay UK seller who had the Thai VCD release of CANNIBAL MERCENARY aka Employ For Die 2 aka Mercenary 2 up for sale obviously bought more than one copy! He's got another copy up for auction right now. The starting bid is again approx £30. I still don't own a copy of the film but, uhh, £30 for a bloody video-cd!!! >_< Here's the auction.


  1. It is a bit steep for a VCD of a film you already own that is in fair condition.

  2. Hi Phantom,
    The reason I'm complaining is that I DON'T own a copy. I have the original film but not this little seen sequel (someone has promised me a dvd-r copy off their vcd so all's not lost. LOL).