Friday 1 March 2013

fighting femmes, fiends, and fanatics: SAVAGE (Philippines, 1973)

Video documentary by Steve Mayhem (2010) 11 minutes

Here's the second episode of Steve Mayhem's fun video documentary series FIGHTING FEMMES, FIENDS, AND FANATICS that covers a film from the Asian backyard; Cirio H. Santiago's Filipino film SAVAGE from 1973.

It was one of the films that SHOUT! FACTORY had announced they were going to release on dvd but eventually decided not to put out. Fortunately, it's out on a fullscreen vhs but a new dvd release presenting the film in its correct letterbox format direct from a 35mm print or the original negatives would have been awesome. Oh well, maybe some other time. Until that happens I urge you to check out Mr. Mayhem's cool video doc (and find one of the vhs releases of the film!).

PS: and thanks to Steve Mayhem for advertising my other blog at the end of his video, When the Vietnam War Raged... in the Philippines. Much appreciated! 

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