Wednesday 6 March 2013

EXTRAS: big Greek subs

Recently, I mentioned the upcoming dvd of THUNDER OF GIGANTIC SERPENT (aka Terror Serpent) from ATTACKAFANT ENTERTAINMENT and also mentioned that I was going to order a bootleg off eBay since the official dvd might still take a while to get released. I've finally received the dvd and as I expected the disc is a bootleg off a vhs and... yes, it's off a Greek video tape. LMAO. The picture quality looks like a second generation vhs dupe. I wish I could have got a dvd from that guy from Global in South Africa (as his dvd is probably off a real film print) but, oh well, at least I get to watch the film. I'm still looking forward to the official dvd, of course. It's bound to look better than this.


  1. Looking forward to the DVD from Attackafant, as well. It's also available in southafrica? Where?

  2. There is a video label in South Africa called Global (and sometimes Starlite and other names) run by just one guy. He never had a web page but sold his dvd's thru eBay and direct sales. He claims they were legit releases in SA. The owner inherited a cinema that had tons of rare films, mostly westerns and Asian film, and his dvd's were sourced from 35mm and 16mm prints. He released a lot of them to dvd. I have a few of them but at some stage he got pissed off with customers and stopped selling.

    You can see some of the covers over on Jesus Manuel's blog: