Friday 3 August 2012

When bootleg covers go wrong

Check the above bootleg DVD-R cover for "Lady Exterminator". The seller's plot description matched that of the Indonesian film LADY EXTERMINATOR. I would expect he got hold of a copy off the Danish VHS. Or maybe the American VHS (but in the States the film is called "I Want To Get Even").

And so he probably googled to find some cover art. And found a poster on Hong Kong Movie Data Base.

And used it.

Without checking if it was the SAME film.

The problem is just that... well, it ISN'T!!! Hahahaha.

The poster found on HKMDB is for the Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film LADY EXTERMINATOR!!!

Same title... but it's a completely different film with (obviously!!) different director and actors!!!

I guess the bootlegger even did some more googling and found yet another picture but this time it's actually from the right (Indonesian) film. It's on the back of the cover and it shows Eva Arnaz with the alternative American title of the Indonesian film written underneath (aforementioned "I Want To Get Even"). Hahahaha.

If the bootlegger had watched the damn film it would have taken 30 seconds to discover that the names in the credits in no way match the credits at HKMDb.

The poster from HKMDB for the Hong Kong film LADY EXTERMINATOR (it's a sequel to SEXY KILLER aka Drug Connection). The HK film has never been released to home cinema in any format.

The cover for the Danish VHS release of the Indonesian film LADY EXTERMINATOR


  1. I want to see the Hong Kong movie, which is Sun's remake of his own "Sexy Killer," which is itself a remake of Jack Hill's "Coffy." Unfortunately, it seems to not be readilly available. I've seen the Indonesian movie on VHS as "I Want to Get Even." And just today I saw star Eva Arnaz in "To Burn the Sun."

  2. Hi there,

    Shaw Brothers LADY EXTERMINATOR is not a remake but a sequel. I know as I've see both films. Like you say it's not readilly available - and yet it is! It was shown at a cinema somewhere and someone filmed it with a camera. I think it was probably somewhere in the Middle East or Africa as it has French and Arabic subs (it's dubbed in English). The picture is not exactly what it would have looked like if Celestial had released it but it's servicable. I bought my copy from FLK. I have no idea if it's available from download or torrent sites as I don't use those.

    You can check it here: