Thursday 12 July 2012

Shopping tip for that thar rare trashy world-weird movie

A little while ago I posted about the entertaining movie STRIKE OF THE TORTURED ANGELS in the series "Bizarre and insane English dubbed Hong Kong films the world forgot". Check my post here (there's also a YouTube clip).

The version I own is a Danish PAL VHS. I knew there was a rare American NTSC tape but I have never found that tape myself and it's safe to say it's very rare. If you're interested in the US tape here's your chance; it's on eBay in the US right now! The auction runs another day and 20 hours. The current bid is a mere $2.50!!!
EDIT: the tape was sold for $4.25!!!!! O_O
Man, I should have made a bid altho I already got the Danish tape!

For the auction go here. The seller is Sleazeman2001 from Cinehound.

PS: Yes, the top picture is a scan of the cover! It has no cover art!!! This is what the Swedish and Danish tapes look like:

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