Tuesday 31 July 2012

SAVAGE SISTERS (Philippines/USA, 1974)

dir: Eddie Romero

Betamax / UK / format? / English audio / no sub / cut (according to the BBFC homepage)

1974 – Savage Sisters (Cinema Projects International/American International Pictures)

Director Eddie Romero Writers H. Franco Moon, Harry Corner Producers John Ashley, Eddie Romero Executive Producer David J. Cohen Music “Bax”/Les Baxter Cinematography Justo Paulino Editor Isagani Pastor Production Design Robert Formoso

Cast Gloria Hendry (Lynn Jackson), Cheri Caffaro (Jo Turner), Rosanna Ortiz (Mai Ling), John Ashley (W.P. Billingsley), Sid Haig (Malavael), Eddie Garcia (Capt. Morales), Rita Gomez (Matron Ortega), Leopoldo Salcedo (General Balthasar), Vic Diaz (One-Eye), Dindo Fernando (Ernesto), Angelo Ventura (Punjab), Romy Rivera (Raul), Alfonso Carvajal (Rutz), Robert Rivera (Rosso), Subas Herrero (Victor), John Plater (Peyley), Bruno Punzalan (Smiling Jake), Joonee Gamboa (Subas), Max Rojo (Hawk), Johnny Long (Juekal)

Credits lifted from ANDREW LEAVOLD's blog. Check his entry for the film, there's some very cool old programmes with heaps of info on the actors and the film. Go here.

I also have a good looking reg. 1 bootleg that presents the film in letterbox format (the publisher told me it's not a boot but that's obviously not correct). The print is really good and is probably sourced from a HD TV broadcast. The film now has a legit release from MGM but unfortunately only in their DVD-R line. However, I'm told the print looks great.

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