Thursday 11 August 2011

Upcoming DVD releases in the Asian backyard


Here's the cover for Fred Anderson's upcoming DVD release of the Thai killer animal flick THE KILLER ELEPHANTS (to be released on his new ATTACKAFANT ENTERTAINMENT label). I'm told the artwork is by Cinehound's Cteve. :D


Yep, it's true! IMPOSSIBLE KID is finally getting an official DVD release! It's the good people at Umbrella Entertainment in OZ who are putting it out on a double DVD with the first film in the series, FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY (albeit with a slightly different spelling). HEIGHT is already out on a fine, fine DVD from Mondo Macabro but I'm certainly not complaining about one more release of this entertaining film. As I'm sure you know already these films stem from the Philippines, and are both directed by Eddie Nicart. The DVD is scheduled to hit the Aussie streets on September 1st. I have no info of specs or extras. You can check the listing at Umbrella's website here.

To avoid confusion; Yes, there is already at least one DVD release of IMPOSSIBLE KID as it's part of the "50 Sci-fi films" reg. 1 box-set. However, in my book that's hardly more than a bootleg.

Thanks to Fred for the tip.


  1. "Killer Elephants"!! :)

    Oh, yes.... now that's most definitely going on the "must buy" list for certain.... although I think my sweetie will probably want to spank me for making her watch it with me... Hehehehe!!

    Hmmm? Now all he'll need is to release "Kraithong" the Thai killer crocodile movie to go with it.

  2. Hey Miss Nekoneko!

    I'm certainly looking forward to this as well! Hmm, if you get spanking out of it I don't see the problem. LOL.

    I would loove to get a proper version of KRAI THONG! I have an old Thai VCD and it's as bad as it gets (picture wise). It does have English subs which (as you know) is highly unusual for non-Hong Kong VCDs but they're so difficult to read you only get something like 30% out of it. Still better than nothing.

  3. I'm there on both releases. Already got my For Your Height Only/Impossible Kid pre-ordered. Seriously, I love Umbrella. I'll detail the special features when I get it.

  4. Simon, thanks, do let us know about the specs when you get them. Cheers. :D