Saturday 16 July 2011

SHOUT! to cancel cancellation of Filipino film release!!!

Forget what I said in my last post!! I asked Cliff Mac about the possibility of a release of FLY ME even using less than adequate source materials and this is the reply I got from him over at Dvdmaniacs forum today:

Cliff Mac:
We are moving forward with FLY ME. There will some emultion scratches on the first and fourth reels, but in my opinion, it's still very watchable... so it will be on volume 2 of LETHAL LADIES along with COVER GIRL MODELS and THE ARENA.

Arrgh!! How cool is that! Not only does it seem like we WILL be getting FLY ME but SHOUT! Factory are ALSO releasing yet another Filipino co-production; the Cirio H. Santiago directed COVER GIRL MODELS from 1975!!! Oh, and THE ARENA is the Pam Grier film by the way! Definitely grand news!!! :D

The DVD is scheduled for November!

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