Sunday 31 July 2011

CALIBER 357 (Philippines)

aka MAGNUM 357

I watched Eddie Nicart's Filipino film CALIBER 357 (aka Magnum 357) last weekend and... whoah... whadda film!
I though it was going to be an "ordinary" revenge film about some guy who comes into town to kill one other guy who killed his brother or something. Oh boy, it is indeed a revenge film but it was nothing like an ordinary half decent film. It's totally over the top amazing!!! Very entertaining to say the least!! Why the fuck isn't this out on Reg.1 dvd!! Or any dvd for that matter (other than my dvd-r now, LOL)!!!

The main character arrives on the plane but it only takes about 5 minutes before the local gangsters are trying to bump him off simply because they don't know him! Haha. And that's all it takes for you to realise this is an INSANE revenge flick with a lone wolf that just kills people left and right, and everyone is trying to kill him too.

I made a few quick screen grabs (no, they're not from the best or most intense scenes as I just spent 3 min. on it). CALIBER 357 was an unexpected nice surprise I got last year when I bought three boxes of old kung fu ex-rental video tapes.

By the way: To confuse things another Filipino action flick, MUSLIM MAGNUM, has also been released (on DVD) using the same alternative title as for CALIBER 357: Magnum 357.

In this segment the lone wolf revenge guy waits in the loo for three guys and just kills 'em one by one.

A chick pulls out a bag of drugs from "up there".

Obviously, our hero can do nothing but smell it (and obviously NOT because of what's inside, LOL).

[Repost from 2009 from my old blog]


  1. Hi Jack great post. Was wondering if you could make a copy of this movie. My boyfriend is the main character and he never saved his worked or watched it. I been searching all over for copies. Please let me know. M

  2. Hi ML!

    Your boyfriend is the main character! If you click on my name it'll redirect you to the profile page and there is my email address. Please write to me.

  3. Hi Jack,

    I emailed you a couple of weeks ago. Wondering if you ever got it?

  4. My god, I was wondering why I never heard from you and checked the spam box... and your email was there! Should teach me to check there on a regular basis (I do do it from time to time but obviously not frequently enough!!). I'll send you a reply via email!! Sorry about that. ^_^

  5. Hi it's me again was wondering if you got my reply. I hope it didn't go in your spam again. I'll try sending it again. Thanks

  6. Hi ML,

    Sorry about the delay. I've sent you an email.


  7. Hi Jack,
    Hope all is well. Just wondering if you had sent the copy. I'm hoping it didn't get lost.