Friday 11 February 2022

ZUMA (Philippines, 1985) - trailer


Trailer lifted from the Japanese VHS release of ZIMATAR.

No info but a couple of reviews on Andrew Leavold's blog.


  1. Hello ! On the blogspot "Maciste And Friends" in 2009 (wow !) you wrote about Kizilmaske : "I have a boot from Shocking Videos that reinserted the ending (from a video tape I think)".

    What are you talking about please ?


    1. Hello Julien,

      Osch! That was 13 years ago! Well, let me explain: KIZIL MASKE was released on a Turkish video-cd (VCD), but for some reason the Turkish company used a print that was missing the ending. Maybe the film was too long for the VCD. Circa five minutes were missing.

      Then a one-man bootleg company called Shocking Videos in the USA found a video tape that had the full uncut version of the film. But the quality of the vhs was less good, so they took the print from the VCD and added the ending from the video tape onto the vcd version. And then they sold this as an uncut bootleg DVD-R. Now, 13 years later, you can probably find the full uncut film on YouTube.

      I also posted my review of the film here:


  2. Hey ! Many thanks for your answer ! I'll comment on the link ;-)

  3. Oups I can't... I must be a member (I'm not on blogger). So I said :

    Here on Youtube :
    With "Son" !-)

    Do you know this visual ?