Wednesday 17 June 2020

Comments section off for a few days...

I posted about an increasing amount of SPAM on this blog recently, and unfortunately it's getting
worse by the minute (almost).

The spammers are all posting the same text but from different blogger profiles. I've got the filter up and even the word recognition thingy now. And yet it doesn't seem to do much in reg. to preventing the SPAMMY SPAM. So I'm going to try and switch off the comments section for a few days and see if that has any effect. Who knows what'll work against these auto-spammer robots!? 

Needless to say, it means YOU (yes, you) can't post comments. Sorry about that. I'll open up for comments in a couple of days or so.

Edit: Comments section is open again...


  1. So this means that various HK stuff may come back? Also will you review Queen Bee 1973? Aka Golden Harvest's attempt at a giallo film, slow as shit but it's certainly something, Or the Butterfly Murders 1979? What about going through douban for insanely obscure shit?

  2. A new flick for you to talk about, "Devil Design" 1980, a pretty obscure Taiwan Action/Horror flick involving Genghis Khan, Matt owns a south korean print with a better quality than this YT upload, though if anything you can watch it from here, so far it's pretty enjoyable!

    1. Thanks, Nutty Frog. I'll check it out! xD