Thursday 7 May 2020


I rewatched Eddie Romero's BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT (PH/US 1971) last night. This time on blu-ray from VCI. I really like this film. Sure it's slow but so what. It's so weird and different. The main character is John Ashley but this time he's not a hero but a soulless human turned beast – spurred on by Satan himself. Vic Diaz is the devil!

 The release from VCI is a dvd/blu-ray combo pack and the transfer from a 35mm negative looks great (slightly worn but probably still heaps better than the print anybody would have seen at a drive-in back in the day).

Trailer from VCI:


  1. Hey Jack, I got a hong kong film that may interest you, Aka one where the literal only copy of it ever found has been a rental indonesian betamax, The gate of the hell 1981, not to be confused with the lucio fulci film, Originally made in 1977, It was released in 1981, With barely anybody knowing anything about it until late into the 2010's a group of collectors found a damaged betamax from indonesia in english with obnoxious indonesian hardsubs, and 2 scenes too damaged to be restored on that copy, so they uploaded it somewhere, It's on youtube for free, in case you wanna do a review on it, Since it would be an interesting film to look at

    1. Hey Nutty Frog,
      Thanks for the heads-up!! I've just found it on youtube. I see it's by the director who also did THE ACCIDENT aka The Black Dog. I'm dl from yt now. Thanks again, mate. I'll post about it when I've seen it.

    2. There's also this flick which I haven't found much info on that seems really rare, Also this site is really useful, Helped me find Ghost in July 1981, and a few other little holes of cinema down there, Along with the great looking but ever EVER so rare 中國開國奇譚 1982 which looks like it has an insane stop motion dragon, hopefully this helps you along your way with this stuff

    3. Thanks, Nutty Frog! I'll investigate!