Saturday 3 May 2014

CODE RED to release Filipino post-apocalypse films

Bill Olsen has recently announced Code Red is going to release two of Roger Corman's post-apocalypse films. Great news indeed!!!

The two titles are Cirio H. Santiago's WHEELS OF FIRE (USA/Philippines, 1984) and EQUALIZER 2000 (USA/Philippines, 1987).

When the initial announcement came Bill Olsen only released info about the first film but not the second. I'm not the only one who basically creamed himself over the news that the latter is EQUALIZER 2000.
Wauw. Just fucken w-a-u-w!!! 

There is no release dates yet, nor any info on whether the films will be DVD only or Blu-ray as well. Blu-ray was mentioned on Code Red's facebook page but nothing in cement.

There's been a bit of worry among fans about which print Code Red are going to release in regards to EQUALIZER 2000, as there are cut versions out there, but Bill Olsen has stated on the CR facebook page that it is indeed the fully uncut print we'll be getting. Yay!!!

And also good to see the upcoming cover for this film is (like with WHEELS) basically the old poster art. Good on ya, Bill'o!!! 

Bill Olsen shaking hands with Roger Corman (December 7, 2013)

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